Webinars - £3,750

Why a Webinar?

Position yourself as an industry leader in a topic of your choice

Use a content first approach to business development

Engage with the largest network of publishers in the UK

Re-purpose and re-use content from the webinar as part of your annual content strategy

Increase brand awareness and align with the PPA

Sponsorship package and process:

  • Co-branding with PPA on the promotional material and webinar which will include:
    • 2 emails promoting the webinar to the PPA membership
    • Branding on the emails
  • PPA to arrange hosting of webinar and technical support throughout
  • Sponsor to suggest topics to be agreed by PPA
  • Sponsor to have 1 representative in the webinar panel
  • PPA and sponsor to agree the webinar chair/moderator
  • Ability to survey the audience through poll and Q&As during the webinar
  • Webinar to be hosted on the PPA website after the event
  • Q&A or feedback from this event could be included in a whitepaper write up and circulated via our e-newsletter
  • PPA to provide sponsor with the attendee list after the event


Previous webinars have brought in between 80 and 300 attendees
0 minutes
The average time spent watching the webinar is 49 mins – attendees are highly engaged!
Each webinar continues to accrue an extra 50 views post event on the PPA Live site