Leadership Summit 2021

28-29th April 2021. Virtual Event

The PPA Leadership Summit is a two-day exploration of growth and opportunity as we emerge from one of the most turbulent periods in modern times.

This is your chance to join the conversation about where our industry goes next.

Sponsorship of the PPA Leadership Summit offers the opportunity to:

Benefit from fantastic brand awareness before, during and after the event
Position yourself as a thought leader and supporter of the publishing industry

Network with senior figures at the most highly regarded companies in the publishing industry

Sponsorship options for the event

  • Branding across all pre and post-event marketing collateral to target attendees and delegates (emails to database of 20,000 subscribers, and social media posts)
  • 1 x exclusive social media post – promoting relevant content (must be content-led, i.e. blog)
  • Logo included on virtual platform throughout the day
  • Branding on opening showreel
  • Full attendee list one week ahead of the event. Note: we cannot provide contact details, but you will be able to access a list of all delegates on the day, with the function to contact them directly
  • 2 tickets to attend

All brand engagement deliverables plus:

  • An interactive session to enable you to directly communicate and influence a group of senior publishing execs. (75mins long)
  • 1 x representative from your business to attend
  • A co-moderator, selected and briefed by the PPA. They can do the heavy lifting of facilitation while you focus on the conversations.
  • 6 – 10 publishers “in the room”
  • PPA will work with you to pre-agree an agenda.
  • PPA will send you a list of attendees to your round table one week in advance, based on pre-selections. We can also work with you to specifically target/invite your hot prospects (subject to change)

All brand engagement deliverables plus:

  • 20min Presentation on the ‘main stage’ – an opportunity to position your business as a leader in the market
  • Case-study led
  • Pre-recorded or live
  • This will be a standalone session so you won’t be competing for eyeballs
    The audience will be given the chance to ask questions, and the PPA team will help you to manage the Q&A
  • Your logo on screen for the duration

All brand engagement deliverables plus:

  • Hosted just before or after one of our keynote sessions, this is your chance to showcase your brand and technology solutions through a swift 5 minute demo presentation.
  • Pre-recorded
  • Your logo on screen for the duration

All brand engagement deliverables plus:

  • This is your opportunity to identify what key insights you’d like from our key audience, to identify your hottest leads.
  • 2 weeks before the event, the PPA will survey all delegates
  • You can include one question in this survey. PPA will collect the data and provide you with a list of delegate responses 1 week ahead of the event.
  • Where possible, we will encourage 121 meetings with your hottest leads ahead of the event. You will also be able to find these delegates on the day via the participants list on the platform.

100+ guests

The PPA Leadership Summit best suits those in a decision-making role that have commercial and strategic responsibilities.

Typical job titles will include: CEO, MD, Head of Department, Director and Editor.

For more information, please visit the event website